1 Front side disc type ATC
Multi-link floating arm structure design efficiently shortens tool change time and reduces the vibation. Build-in sensor with high distinguishable signal light is designed for easy maintenance. Light weight aluminum alloy but rigid structure of magazine body and tool disc decrease magazine rotating inertia and spindle inertia load. High toughness compound gripper protects spindle during tool change. Individual unit design on grippers allows easy replacement after long period of use or consuming.
2 ATC springs and fix bolts
Big size alloy springs offer quick  and smooth tool change and extend its service life. Fix bolts on each end of the spring are made of titanium alloy which assures longer service life of ATC
3 High rigid and efficient design
X and Y axes rapid feed rate are 48 M/min, Z axis is 60M/min.
New disc tyoe ATC remarkably shortens sensor reaction time. Tool change time is only 1.6 sec(T-T), 2.5 sec(C-C), 2.8 sec(Opposite Side) by servo motor. (For inverter motor, tool change time is 1.8sec(T-T), 2,8 sec(C-C), 3.5 sec(Opposite Side)). Rigid casting design provides sufficient rigidty during high speed movement and heavy cutting which is not only suitable for drilling and tapping but also for engraving and milling.
4 Spindle motor
With new type Mitsubishi low inertia spindle motor, spindle response tiem is grately shortened. It takes only 1.0 second for spindle to run up to 12000 rpm from 0 rpm. During continuous and repeating acceleration or deceleration rigid tapping process, spindle speed cooperates with 3 axes rapid movment and can greatly shorten machining time and improve machining efficiency.
5 Full enclosed indexed cam
Full enclosed indexed cam structure ensures the stability of the parts in ATC which prvents the dusts and mists generated during the machining. Servo motor and inventer motor for ATC rotating position are both available. Transmission is high precision ground gear.







  X/Y/Z travel 20.1"x16"x13"
  Spindle nose to table surfacce 6.7"x20"
  Spindle center to column surface 18.1"
       Table  size 25.6"x15.8"
       T-Slot (Size / Qty / Dist.) 0.6"x3x4.7"
       Max. table load 660 Lbs
  Speed  10,000 RPM
  Taper BT30
  Transmission Direct type
      FEED RATE  
  Rapid feed rate of XYZ 1.9" / 19" / 2.4"
  Cutting feed rate 472.4 inch / Min.
  Tool storage capacity 14 Tools
       Max. tool diameter 3.2"
  Max. tool length 8"
  Max. tool weight 55 Lbs
  Tool change time (T-T) 1.8 sec
  Tool change time (C-C) 2.8 sec
  Tool change time (Optisite tools) 3.5 sec
  CNC control Mitsubishi M70
  Spindle motor 2.3 / 3.7 Kw (5 HP)
  Axis motors 2 Kw
  Dimension  63" x 84.6" x 91.3"
  Net weight ~ 5720 Lbs
  Gross weight ~ 6160 Lbs




  Standard Accessory

      Rigid tapping
      RS-232 interface
      Auto power off
      Auto lubrication
      Halogen work light
      End of program light
      Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
      Full guarding / Remote handwheel
      Leveling bolts and plate
      Tools and box
      Operation manual
      Spindle oil cooler 6000 BUT

Optional Accessory

      Spindle oil cooler
      High pressure water scour for chip removal
      Air conditioner for electrical box
      Coolant through spindel center
      Screw type chip conveyor
      Oil skimmer
      Chain type chip conveyor
      Oil through tool holder
      Scraper type chip conveyor
      Oil mist lubrication pump
      4th axis
      CE electrical box

All Specifications And Designs Are Subject To Change Without Notice.