1. 7.5HP high torque spindle motor,low noise and vibration
 2. BT40/CAT40/DIN40 6000 rpm spindle speed, (Optional 8,000, 10,00, 12,000 or 15,000rpm ) with P4 angular contact spindle bearings.
 3. 10 Tools Armless ATC, Full enclosure guarding
 4. 32mm,C5 precision ground ballscrews to minimize backlash, provides high precision movement and reduces heat deformation on all axes.
 5. Fully Counterbalanced Z Axis Slide with Zaxis brake Motor to Eliminate Spindle and part Damage on Power Failure.
 6. Precision linear guide ways are installed on each axis to provide high speed and high accuracy performance.
 7. Meehanite Casting with annealed & stress relieved
 8. Direct-driven transmission between motor and ballscrew by coupling provides zero backlash.
 9. 100% Laser tested for positioning accuracy & repeatability
10. Ball Bar tested for circular interpolation accuracy
11. Table and chip Guarding (Optional, instead of standard Full Guarding)
12. Tool box & Tools
13. Positioning Accuracy: +0.0004/ft
14. Repeatability Accuracy: +0.0002/ft 









     Table size 12 x 50 (305 x 1270mm)
     T-Slot (Size x Qty x Distance) 0.63 x 3 x 4
     Longitudinal travel: 30 (760mm)
     Cross travel : 16 (400mm)
     Vertical travel: 16 (400mm)
     Table Load: 670 lbs evenly distributed
     Spindle nose to table top: 4-20(102-502mm)
     Column surface to center of table: 9-25 (229-635mm)
     Spindle taper: CAT#40 
     Spindle Speed (r. p.m.): 6000 rpm
     Spindle center to column front surface: 16.26 (413mm)
     Spindle motor: 7.5HP AC SERVO SPINDLE MOTOR
     Max Torque: 26 ft lb @ 1500 rpm
     Drive on XYZ: 1KW AC SERVO
     Max Thrust rating: 2000 lb
     Capacity: 10-station 
     Max. Tool Diameter: Full:3.9 Next Empty:5.9
     Max. Tool Length: 4 semi-guarding
     Max. Tool Weight: 13.4 lb
     Tool-to-Tool (avg.): 5.7 Sec.
    FEED RATE:  
     XYZ axes feed rates (per min.): 393 inch/min
     Rapid traverse X,Y,Z axes(per min.): 472 inch/min
     Coolant pump: 1/6HP
     Lubrication pump: 80W
     Air Source: 6Kg/cm2 (70 psi)
     Power requirement: 12 KVA
     Length X Width X Height (A X B X C): 180x119.1x139.3
  (4400mmx 3025mm x 3539mm)
     Net Weight: 5280 lbs. (2400 Kgs)


Standard Accessory

 Control System

      Full enclosure guarding       Mitsubishi E60 (Standard)
     Way Covers for Y and Z Axis       Fagor 8055i FL
      Central automatic lubrication system       Mitsubishi M70
      Coolant System and air blast system       Fanuc Oi-mate
      Quartz work light       Fanuc Oi-MC
      Tool Box with Tools  
      Spindle Orientation
      End of Program and Alarm Light

Optional Accessory

      10-Station Automatic Tool Changer 
      CAT40 Arm type 24 tools ATC
      Screw-type Chip Auger with chip bucket
      Rigid Tapping 
      CT40 belt type spindle speed 8000rpm,10000rpm,12000rpm
      Oil mist lubrication pump
      Spindle oil cooler 4000BTU
      Coolant through spindle center (30 Bar)
      Oil through tool holder
      External Transformer , 420-510-240V, 60HZ, 15 KVA
      MPG Hand wheel

All Specifications And Designs Are Subject To Change Without Notice.