CNC Tool Room Milling Center  VM760

7.5HP, BT40, 6000rpm,XYZ Travel 30"x16"x16"

 Belt Drive,Armless 10 Tools

 Good Choice for Milling,Drilling Boring,Tapping

  and Mold Making



                           Wellcraft  2V

             Digital Readout and Align X Power Feed

                  3HP, R8 or NST#30, 9" x 49" Table

                           US$ 7,400.00




Super Precision Vertical Knee Type Milling Machine


      SP-150VS     In Stock!

      3HP, R8 or NST#30, 9"x49" Table

      Variable Speed Head



  5HP, NST#40,10"x54" Table

  Variable Speed Head



 5HP, NST#40, 11"x52" Table

 Variable Speed Head by Inverter Motor




CNC Milling Machine



     CV-400 Knee Type

     3HP, R8 or NST#30,10"x54" Table

     Variable Speed Head

CV-520 Knee Type

5HP, NST#40, 11" x 58" Table

Variable Speed Head







Bed Type Milling Machine




       5HP,NST#40,15"x50" Table

       Variable Speed Head by inverter

CB-185 Bed Type

5HP Inverter Motor, NST#40

12"x50" Table


    MCB-1300 Bed Type    

    Machining Center

    10HP, BT40, 70.87"x17.72" Table




CNC Vertical Machining Center



     VH-1300  Box Way

     CNC Vertical Machining Center

  15HP, BT40,51.1"x27.5"x27.9" Travel

     Best Seller


    VHG-1600 Box Way Gear Head

    CNC Vertical Machining Center

    20HP ,BT50 by Gear Head,

    63"x31.5"x31.5" Travel  


  VL-1600 Linear Guide Ways

  CNC Vertical Machining Center

 15HP,BT40/50,63"x27.6"x27.6" Travel




CNC High Speed Tapping Center




       5HP,BT30, 19.69"x15.98"x13" Travel, 10000rpm